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Chiang Mai is like the non-westernized little sister of Bangkok.

Comparing the women in the north with the women in Bangkok is like comparing a rhinoceros with a squirrel.

You can’t compare them and when you have a look at the cultural differences between the north of Thailand and Bangkok, you will understand why.

As a result of this geographic position, a lot of Chinese immigrants, who are naturally whiter than Thai people, settled in the north.

Thanks to the good old birds and bees principle, a lot of the girls are at least 10% Chinese. Finding a beautiful light-skinned Chiang Mai girl with model qualities is not that hard.

Some of them are very good at hiding their naughty side. One thing I hate about the girls in Bangkok is that many of them are extremely materialistic. They have to have at least one gadget with the bitten apple symbol.

They have to wear the latest designer clothes from Siam Paragon. The influence of the Western “keeping up with the joneses” mentality has a huge influence on the younger generation of Thais in Bangkok. One thing I love about the women in the north is their friendliness.Just be prepared for a very long conversation on the first date. You can find a lot of dark-skinned girls in the south and in the Isan region, but you won’t find a lot of them in the north.So in case you are attracted to light-skinned Asian women, Chiang Mai is your paradise.The atmosphere in the capital is chaotic, hectic and loud.The temperature is way cooler than in the capital city, the air is cleaner and you won’t see anyone with a face mask. Find out how you can easily meet beautiful girls from Chiang Mai To be honest, this city in the north is a great place to live.I still remember the day when I visited the pearl of the north for the very first time.