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This date is exactly 40 years from the first day out of Egypt at the start of the Exodus with the Dedication of the Firstborn at Succoth. Type of Dated Event: EDISBR Calendar Day Number: 170BR Years from Creation: 2709BR: Friday, April 4 — Nisan 17, 1405 BCGH: Friday, January 23 — Shevat 2, 1400 BCJulian Day Number: 1210107.75 Walls of Jericho Fall on Seventh Day The walls of Jericho fall on the seventh day of battle.Type of Dated Event: EDISBR Calendar Day Number: 176BR Years from Creation: 2709BR: Thursday, April 10 — Nisan 23, 1405 BCGH: Thursday, January 29 — Shevat 8, 1400 BCJulian Day Number: 1210113.75 Israel Attacks and Destroys City of Ai Type of Dated Event: ESTBR Calendar Day Number: 256BR Years from Creation: 2709BR: Sunday, June 29 — Tammuz 14, 1405 BCGH: Sunday, April 19 — Nisan 28, 1400 BCJulian Day Number: 1210193.75 Gibeon and Israel’s Treaty Angers King Adoni-Zedek Gibeon and Israel’s Treaty greatly angers King Adoni-Zedek who is the King of Jerusalem.

Caleb and Joshua were the only people over sixty years old allowed to enter Canaan at the end of the Exodus.

Type of Dated Event: ESTBR Calendar Day Number: 27BR Years from Creation: 2715BR: Tuesday, November 12 — Heshvan 23, 1400 BCGH: Tuesday, August 26 — Elul 9, 1395 BCJulian Day Number: 1212148.75 Canaan Land Given to Tribe of Judah This is the estimated date in Biblical history when Joshua divides land in Canaan west of the Jordon River giving the inheritance to the Tribe of Judah.

Type of Dated Event: EDFCBR Calendar Day Number: 180BR Years from Creation: 2718BR: Monday, April 14 — Nisan 27, 1396 BCGH: Monday, January 22 — Shevat 1, 1391 BCJulian Day Number: 1213393.75 Othniel Receives Caleb’s Daughter Achsah as His Wife Type of Dated Event: ESTBR Calendar Day Number: 69BR Years from Creation: 2719BR: Tuesday, December 24 — Tevet 5, 1396 BCGH: Tuesday, October 2 — Tishri 17, 1391 BCJulian Day Number: 1213646.75 Angel of the Lord Rebukes Israel’s Disobedience CD#180 is the DFC and EDFC date for events happening between the years 1396 BC and 1392 BC.

Type of Dated Event: EDFCBR Calendar Day Number: 180BR Years from Creation: 2722BR: Monday, April 14 — Nisan 27, 1392 BCGH: Monday, January 17 — Tevet 25, 1387 BCJulian Day Number: 1214849.75 The Death of Joshua at 110 Years The death of Joshua, which is soon followed by the death of Eleazar, son of Aaron, is the transitional beginning of the period of the Judges of Israel.

Joshua is very clear about what happened: “So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day”.

American Indians, who would have been on the other side of the earth, talk about the “long night” that occurred at this same time in history.Type of Dated Event: ESTBR Calendar Day Number: 58BR Years from Creation: 2715BR: Friday, December 13 — Kislev 24, 1400 BCGH: Friday, September 26 — Tishri 11, 1395 BCJulian Day Number: 1212179.75 End of Dividing Canaan by Joshua and Eleazar Joshua and Eleazar finish dividing the land of Canaan among the tribes of Israel.Joshua received the city of Timnath Serah in the mountains of Ephraim.Joshua Sends Spies From Acacia Grove On this date, Moses is exactly 120 years old based on his DFC date of birth on the first day of Nisan in 1525 BC.Since Moses died the previous month, this would be a good example showing how the DFC dates in Scripture sometimes function like marks on the ruler of time instead of designating the exact date of an event.Israel prevailed in battle when God’s strict orders were obeyed.