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However, Word will manipulate the text of references (change punctuation, abbreviations, etc) to fit a particular bibliographic style for you, and it is unlikely that MS will ever consider it profitable to incorporate these features.

To automatically format notes or a bibliography with the information and punctuation appropriate to a particular bibliographic style, search the web for information on bibliographic management software.

I need APA style, etc: Word can easily handle the layout elements required by APA style and similiar bibliographic guides—you should search the web for one of the many templates offered free by third parties.

As of this writing, Word does ship with an MLA template and a Chicago template among the default templates, but not an APA template.

If you use cross-references, Word will update the numbers to match the Works Cited list.

You will need to press F9 to Update Fields for the reference numbers to update—they will not update automatically as footnote numbers do.

Word offers many features that can be turned to your advantage when using notes and a bibliography.

However, about the only thing Word does automatically that is specifically designed to help with citing references is to place footnotes/endnotes and number and re-number them.Using Normal View will also prevent you from accidentally typing text in space that Word has reserved for endnotes.If you try to put your bibliography or appendix into “endnote space,” you are likely to run into trouble.Nota Bene is a Windows-only program suite that replaces MS Word and includes bibliographic management software. Go to View In addition, Word offers Footnote Continuation Text and Endnote Continuation Text, so that you can end a page with a line saying “note continued on next page.” I’ve never seen anyone actually use this feature.All of these programs offer trial versions as of the time of writing. Occasionally, a separator can get extra formatting, such as Space Before or Space After, attached to it, creating a big space between your notes and text.After selecting a separator, the Close button above should become a Reset button, which you can use to clear any such formatting.