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Advertisement Instead of worrying about who’s paying for appetizers, spend some time thinking about how this relationship will work in six months or a year. Can you see yourself living with him and sharing expenses?

If you want to be spoiled by a big spender, you’re in the wrong relationship.

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You’ve chosen to be with a guy who has made it clear that he has no disposable income. After a year, it’s time to consider the big picture.Dating, when done right, can be a wonderful experience. If he seems annoyed by the situation, just smile and say, “Oh, I thought you wanted to hang out and watch movies.” Watching movies at some guy’s house does not constitute a date – especially as a first one!I once met a guy who said he wanted to skip dating because he just wanted to be with me. He had received all my affection and time without ever having to take me out. He should’ve quit his job detailing cars and worked for NASA or run for office. If you are dating one of these close-fisted wonders – run! There’s no need to settle for a zero when you could be meeting great guys who want to take you out on real dates – ones that don’t involve delivery. Once I asked this guy out for dinner (should have been my first sign he didn't like me) and BEFORE we went out to dinner we had to stop by JC Penny so he could buy some pants..THEN when we got to dinner he apparently didn't have any cash..I had to pay. Did you not just use you credit card to by some ugly slacks? ) Also, theres no excuse really for not dating, theres lots of low budget things you can do that mean you can spend some quality time together, picnics, walks in the park, museums & art galleries, or if you like the outdoors, go camping!True Story: My girlfriend is currently dating a cheap guy. For a gift, he hands you a CD, still in the paper bag he bought it. Dating anyone cheap is depressing and frustrating...(Unless, of course, Blockbuster and Round Table are totally up your alley.) If he’s unexciting when you’re dating, just think about 6 months from now: You’ll ask him to go out to a new lounge, and he’ll tell you that he wants to chill at home because there’s a marathon on that night. If a guy cant be bothered to wrap a present, go out to dinner or generally doesn't want to go out, It's more likely that he's just not that into you, rather than he's tight.

Then, he’ll ask you for money to pay the take-out delivery guy. When we broke up two months later, I realized that he had never taken me out, even . He’s always borrowing a couple of bucks and never returning them. Instead of going out and renting a DVD, he makes you watch his DVD because he owns it - and “it’s the best one of the trilogy”. He hates double dates because he has to pony up the same amount as the other dude. I'm not saying that they need to spend a fortune or that *going dutch* isn't an option, but there is a distinct difference between between being a freakin' cheapskate and wanting to share financial responsibility. (obviously if he borrows money and doesn't pay you back or asks you to pay for petrol when he picks you up, thats another story!When I replied the one which was nearer, he replied saying "only thing is tickets are £3.00 more expensive!!!!!!! Like it doesn't take us money and effort to look good for them - cute outfit, hair, make-up, it's not effortless or inexpensive." Upon reading that I thought OMG he is s mean to mention that, but felt it was too short notice to back out of it so felt I had to offer to buy our tickets on line (to save embarrassment when we met) He said he would sort it out when we met. But of course men want their women to look hot for them, but they are too selfish/cheap to court them.Two people who like each other go out and engage in fun activities. Women deserve to be taken out and romanced a bit, even more so when things are all shiny and new. Maybe I can get her to fall for the old ‘let’s just hang out and watch movies’ line.” Ladies, next time a guy tries this line, insist that he come over to and sobing uncontrollably. Hmm…let me decode this for you: “I want to get laid, but I don’t want to spend any money or go anywhere.