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Yet most parents and teachers are scared to talk about what’s seen as a taboo or difficult subject.Mary Sharpe, a lawyer from Edinburgh, is on the case.“With constant novelty just one click away, obsessively looking for that next dopamine hit can lead to addiction for some.

In 2014, Mary set up Scottish charity the Reward Foundation to give young people, parents and professionals easy-to-access information about sex and the harmful effects of internet porn, from depression to impotence.The charity has already delivered porn awareness talks to hundreds in high schools and plans to move into primary schools to work with pupils from age 10.Mary, CEO of the foundation said, “It’s a massive problem yet most young people are not aware of the risks.Teens are at their peak of dopamine production and neuroplasticity so they are especially vulnerable to addiction.We give them a safe space to talk about porn.” Through workshops and guides on their website, the charity also gives advice on health and relationships as well as practical guides to the laws around consent, sexting, revenge porn and webcam sex.

Their free resources include stress reduction guides, a three-step plan to help young people quit porn and a 24-hour screen-fast programme.In a bid to restrict illegal access to porn, the Digital Economy Bill 2016-17 currently before the House of Lords will require users to provide ID.“The new bill could introduce a requirement to verify legal age of 18 but in the face of a massive industry we have to be realistic about what limits to access can do.In a recent survey, the Scottish Secondary Teachers Association said teachers fear “mishandling” the situation.Mary says: “Officials are nervous about upsetting faith based voters or sexual minorities. We want to encourage them to supervise access, put boundaries in place and to talk openly. After post graduate work with the University of Cambridge, she worked with Nato on research into suicide bombers.