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In the UK, the programme is aired on Channel 4 and British viewers are currently enjoying the second half of Season Seven.

The show attracts an audience of three million on average.

Last year, scriptwriters sexed-up the show by giving her character Susan, a cash-strapped mother-of-one, a new sideline as an erotic webcam model.

In real-life, Hatcher posts pictures of herself without make-up on Twitter to show fans that she’s not glamorous all of the time.

Huffman is married to Fargo actor William H Macy, 61. The former Melrose Place star is said to be worth at least £8million.

Twice-married Teri Hatcher is ­currently single but dating.

Despite slipping in the US TV ­ratings from its 30-million-viewer ­heyday in 2004, the show is still one of the best-selling franchises in the world.

Along with US medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, the programme ­continues to be American network ABC’s ­strongest hour-long scripted series and is said to have filled the gap left by Sex And The City.

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Longoria, who plays Gabrielle Solis in the show, recently split from her basketball-player second husband Tony Parker, 28.