Xbox error e71 when updating

Warranty and Microsoft Repair Operating System/Xbox Live 7. Any newly manufactured 360 (not refurbished) from the past 2 years will include an HDMI port. It's also important to mention that all 360s have the ability to do the same things other 360s can do. 4) - Clock speed is 500MHz - 10MB e DRAM by NEC - 4x FSAA, Z-buffering, and alpha blending with no interference to CPU - 512MB GDDR3 RAM - Clocked at 700MHz - Shared by CPU and GPU - 12X Dual-layer DVD-ROM drive - Maximum read rate of 15.85 MB/s - Made by (old to new) Samsung/Toshiba, Hitachi/LG, Ben Q/Philips, or Lite-On - Games: region-free (publishers can choose to lock specific games, though) - Movies: region-locks enforced - Security design allows for ~7GB of usable space per disc for game content - 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Surround Sound - All games required to support at least the 5.1 Dolby standard - Console uses over 256 audio channels - 320 independent decompression channels using 32-bit processing for audio - Sound files for games are in Microsoft's XMA audio format - 10/100Base-T Ethernet port - No model comes with internal Wi-Fi, but a separate accessory is available - 3 USB 2.0 ports (1 in back, 2 in front) - Xbox 360 supports up to 3 USB controllers out of the box, 4 with a USB hub - A max of 4 controllers (wired and wireless) are supported - HDMI 1.2 output - Only on Zephyr, Falcon, and Jasper motherboards. Note: see section 4 for more details on chipsets and power bricks.

If you want to know something that isn't in this guide, or if you notice any errors in my guide (be it factual or with spelling and grammar), you can email me at the address .

Because of this, I decided it may be beneficial to compile a guide like this to answer many of the questions people may have, so that they don't have to rely on the message board if they don't want to.

Xbox 360 Hardware FAQ by Travis Combs ([email protected]) Version 1.6 Last updated: 06/06/10 Copyright 2009-2010 Travis Combs. You are entitled to saving a copy on your personal hard drive for your own use. Each new revision of the chipset is designed to make the system more reliable and last longer than the previous.

You can not sell this, put this on your website without my explicit permission, or violate any other rights granted to me by copyright law. Either way, these chipset revisions are quite important.

I have been a long time member of the Xbox 360 message board on Game FAQs and I am always answering various questions about both the hardware of the Xbox 360 and its specialized operating system.

I decided to write this guide because the only other guide on Game FAQs as of this writing was a guide by fellow member Foppe, and, while not a bad guide, hasn't been updated since just after the launch of the Xbox 360, causing the vast majority of the guide to be outdated and no longer relevant.

The Xbox 360 was unveiled on May 12, 2005, and further information regarding it was announced a few months later during the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

The name Xbox 360 came from the idea that it was a complete revolution, or "360 degrees". The Xbox 360 is a favorite of PC game developers, as the architecture of the 360 allows PC developers to port their games to the 360 with great ease as opposed to difficulties that can be encountered by the porting process to the Play Station 3 and Wii.

Each chipset has a different rating, so you should be able to simply see the rating and then compare to the list below: 16,5A: Xenon or Zephyr (remember, Zephyr has HDMI) 14,2A: Falcon or Opus (remember, Opus doesn't have HDMI and is only in refurbs) 12,1A: Jasper Now, this is a pretty reliable thing to go by.

However, depending on exactly how tightly the Xbox 360 was packaged in the box, the hole may not be quite big enough for you to clearly make out the rating (it may be just a tad bit too far to the left for you to see through the hole).

Section Name") from the Table of Contents and be brought directly to the section. Introduction --------------- Hello there, and welcome to my FAQ for the Xbox 360 console!